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LMSZAI - Learning Management System

This document contains all the technical knowledge of how to use LMSZAI. We have tried to be as detailed as possible. Still, if you have faced an issue but can’t find the answer on this doc, please send us an email from CodeCanyon support.


What is LMSZAI ?

LMSZAI LMSZAI is a web based responsive application that includes an online learning management system, as well as admin, instructor and student panel. This is complete ready to use learning management system. Instructors create, update paid/free courses, which students can buy and obtain learning content and educational resources, lesson, quiz, assignments, live class, discussion etc. Students can track their progress while participating course assignment, quiz, discussion and also download the certificate after completing the course.

How LMSZAI Works?

This platform has three panel (Admin, Instructor, Student) and description here

An Admin can:-

In LMSZAI, an admin is a user with the most access, permissions, and responsibilities. To run the program, the admin must handle the entire system.

An Instructor can:-

In LMSZAI, an instructor can create and sell courses. Instructors can add, update, delete their course materials like lessons, quizzes, resources, assignments. Can take live classes, can discuss with their enrolled students. Instructors can earn income by sharing a percentage of the course price after selling the course on this platform.

A Student can:-

In LMSZAI student can learn and upgrade their knowledge and skills through this platform. Students can purchase any course for enrollment. After enrolling in a course, they can start to learn. They can give assignments, quizzes and see the results. If there is any problem while doing the course, you can discuss it with the course instructor. Students can browse any courses, make a wish list, see blogs, share courses and blogs. A student can apply to become an instructor..