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Getting Started

System requirements

We recommend the following system requirements for optimum performance:

PHP 8.0.19 or higher
MySQL (PHP 8 Supported)

Compatible Browsers: Any
Supported OS: Linux, MacOS and Windows

Upload files to the server and Installation

With your purchase of LMSZAI, you will get a main_file file. You will find the documentation text file and the main file in it.


Upload File

  • Upload the main_file file to your server public_html or domain root directory where LMSZAI will be installed.

  • Create a new MySQL database and DB user from your server . and assign that user into database

  • First, hit your site URL and it will automatically take you to the installation. Click on the Start Installation Process.
  • You will get the Checking pre-installation(File Permission) page. Give Permission(777) of following file if needed. and If everything is ok then click on Go to the next step.
  • Now you need to set and Go to the next step.

    • Application => app name, app url.
    • Database => DB Host, DB Name, DB user, DB Password.
    • Email => Mail Host, Port , Username , Password.
  • If everything are correct then its become processing. After few seconds it redirects to LMSZAI login.

Source Code Installation Video